I QUIT! goodbye stress hello happy freedom

Are you living out your days as a busy woman, working mom, or entrepreneur where you are left feeling frazzled, scattered, overwhelmed, overbooked, and well, just plain "over it?"  

Sarah Littlefield has more than 14 years experience as a Licensed Marriage + Family Therapist helping hundreds of women and parents tackle tough issues.  

Wife, mom turned mompreneur, therapist - and self-proclaimed "plate spinner" - Sarah has pulled together simple steps to help minimize the effects of stress in everyday living in her new book,  I QUIT! goodbye stress, hello happy freedom (35-pages).


7 Sure-Fire Ways To Manage Stress For Women

I Quit! goodbye stress, hello happy freedom puts you on a clear path to understanding
Sarah's seven proven, time-tested principles for stress management.......
she likes to call them her "7 Ps of Stress Management"!

“Sarah likes to keep anything she does clean and simple.  I have come to greatly appreciate that as a busy mompreneur.  I am constantly referring back to her seven principles to get myself out of the
crazy cycle I can spin myself into.  This work is about me... about adding freedom and years to my life.”

Jessica Mae Stafford - Online Business Coach + Entrepreneur

A Word From Sarah Littlefield

“I love my job as a therapist. I love helping others learn ways to cope and deal with stress. I have a passion for making sure busy women and moms like myself have the tools they need to grow and transform. That’s what this book is about.  This book will guide you on the seven principles proven to help you stress less.  As I say, the rest is up to you!”